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The Epiphany Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable trust, is a highly entrepreneurial organization offering real world solutions to highly motivated individuals suffering from drug or alcohol dependency. It is highly principled, meaning trust, honesty, and discipline are very important. Epiphany offers a free 6-month work therapy program with a safe well appointed live-in facility. As a beneficiary your room and board are covered by your participation in our program. Building your road to recovery will involve a 12-step program from N.A. or A.A, Men's Group Therapy, and Private in-house counseling. We provide all basic personal hygiene supplies, as well as laundry, a computer, internet, cable TV, and food. 


There are no skills required to become a part of our program. We train you for all of the trades that are used in our work therapy. Our goal is to re-acclimate you to living a sober life with responsibility, structure, and integrity. Everybody knows, idle time is bad time. At Epiphany there is little of it. Everybody is enrolled in the work therapy program, which is a zero tolerance for alcohol and drugs.


Epiphany offers innovative and integrated two-pronged life-skills and sober living program that can dramatically and positively transform one’s life. Drug and alcohol dependency is a serious problem, one that is almost impossible to solve alone, no matter how many attempts have been made. We believe there is a solution, TOGETHER we can live on life's terms, without the use of drugs and alcohol. 



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