Drug and alcohol dependency is a serious problem, one that is almost impossible to solve alone no matter how many attempts have been made. We believe there is a solution, TOGETHER we can live on life's term without the use of drugs and alcohol. 

​   The Epiphany Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable trust, is a highly entrepreneurial organization offering real world  solutions to highly motivated individuals suffering from drug or alcohol dependency. Epiphany offers safe, well appointed live-in facilities.  As a beneficiary, you have two program options:

    1)      ​Residential Sober Living: If you already have employable skills and require a safe, clean, sober and drug free                living environment, this may be the place for you; or,


    2)      Life Skills Training: If your job or trade skills are lacking or want to change career direction, then our                            Life skills program may be for you. As a beneficiary / resident, you have the opportunity to enter the                                 program as an participant. Participants receive everything described in the residential program plus more.   

​   Everybody knows, idle time is bad time.  At Epiphany there is little of it.  Everybody either has an outside job, they are looking for a job, volunteering, performing community service or they are enrolled in the life skills program.  Epiphany offers innovative and integrated two-pronged life-skills and sober living programs that can dramatically and positively transform one’s life. 

Sign of arrows saying old habits and new habits
Drugs and Alcohol
I Need To Change My Life 
Starting A New Life

You have come to that moment, that moment where you know you MUST either take your life back or you will lose everything, including life itself. With this realization, you have taken the first step by looking for help, the right program and answers to help you find your way back to a full, productive and passionately purposeful life.

Learning new skills, and developing your existing skills, provides the necessary foundation for beginning a new life. At The Epiphany Foundation we are ready, willing and motivated to put hard work into a solid 12 step program and learn new employment skills; Epiphany can make that happen with and for you, but only IF you are truly willing and ready.

Real recovery begins with self-discovery. Self-discovery begins with learning -  learning new life skills, way of thinking and behaviors, along with having the opportunity to develop job skills and build positive relationships. This is done in a new, comfortable and safe living space, within a caring and supportive community who knows and understands where you have been. We are willing to assist you today!

Learning New Habits