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 O U R   P R O G R A M 

People painting, using miter saw, framing, electrical

The Epiphany Foundation offers a Work Therapy Program and the amenities include:

Facility - Modern, well appointed, clean, spacious and comfortable home. (photos)

Food - Fully stocked kitchen available to all residents.

Tech - Hi-speed WiFi, TV, and computer.

Amenities - Power, water, trash, HVAC, Washer & Dryer.

Life Skills Training - Residents learn structure, to live on life terms without the use of drugs and alcohol.  

Life Principles - The steps for rebuilding trust, honesty and integrity.

Sober Living - A well organized solid foundation suitable for a highly self motivated driven individual.

Recovery - We share a common vision of being a successful productive part of our community through many 12-step programs.

Community - Building strong healthy relationships with others that are sharing in your journey.

Being of Service - Volunteering, opportunities to engage in community outreach, helping the homeless and being a part of something greater than yourself.


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