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The Epiphany Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable trust, is a passionately entrepreneurial organization offering real world solutions to highly motivated individuals who suffer from drug or alcohol dependency.  

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Drug and alcohol dependency is a serious problem and is affecting the lives of many. The Epiphany Foundation is committed to helping its beneficiaries overcome their dependency.

​The Epiphany Foundation Home is only for the willing and motivated individual. The beneficiary is provided clean, safe, live-in facilities. This gives our beneficiaries a solid foundation to begin their recovery process. Participation in a 12-step program is required. Our beneficiaries also learn new life-skills through participation in our mandatory house meetings. 

Contrary to the mainstay of ‘sober-living’ facilities, life at our live-in facility is a highly structured with constant training that mimics “real” work, offering a wide variety of job training program designed around their natural skills and passions. 


Epiphany has a two-pronged approach. Beneficiaries are educated and trained in job skills that may include construction trades, metal works, food service, household moving, e-commerce and technology. In addition, our goal is to teach the necessary discipline and life skills so when the beneficiary leaves Epiphany, they are able to take their life back.


At Epiphany, beneficiaries soon discover that their solid program and  learning a skill-set is only the beginning. They discover a collaborative community, a community where beneficiaries teach and support each other. They become a part of our team, The Epiphany Family. It is a community where beneficiaries learn to “give” through community service.  

There is also an entrepreneurship pathway within our job-skills program for those who consistently demonstrate the natural drive and abilities to truly and uniquely excel in their own business. Epiphany offers a business incubator program to bring those entrepreneurial talents into the light. They are given an opportunity that no other program offers - the chance, as an individual, to create a business of their own. To learn more about our Programs, click here.

In short, Epiphany beneficiaries are trained and live, on a day-to-day basis, those higher level skills required to successfully function, grow, and even flourish, within today’s dynamic society.

Welcome to Epiphany. 

John Sabovich, founder



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