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Life Skills Training Program 

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Once accepted, we learn by doing in our real world classrooms. To accomplish this, Epiphany acquires the "assets" and they become our classroom. Finally, one will only know how to complete a task/skill once they can correctly explain it to someone else, then they become the teacher. 

​​Step 1 - "CAN DO ATTITUDE" All Residents Start Here

We make the basic assumption the beneficiary has the desire and motivation to succeed. As such, beneficiaries go through a process assessment to assist them identifying their desires, passion, and goals. Once identified, we expose the beneficiary to program opportunities that most closely align to their desires, passion and goals. Epiphany’s assessment process is a continuous teaching and improvement measurement tool for both the beneficiary and Epiphany staff.


​​Step 2 - "TAKE ACTION"

Once a beneficiary is free from active addiction, time spent seeking drugs and alcohol must be replaced with something meaningful and passionate to them. The high from alcohol and other drugs is replaced with being high on life and success! 

Life Skills training is continuous. Beneficiaries immediately begin life skills training while on-going assessment continues, including peer review. We are looking for confirmation the program does in fact align with their passion. Once we think we have found the beneficiary's deepest interest. They have the opportunity to work alongside a support team to fulfill and grow within our community. Guided by our program residents develop an action plan, a routine to success. Further, they teach each other, reinforcing their newly found passion and goals. They are taught new skills, or will have their existing skills developed and honed, until proficiency or mastery is demonstrated.

​​Step 3 - "BE YOUR BEST YOU"

Residents will find a consistent routine taking their necessary steps to success. Epiphany Foundation takes great pride in assisting residents in moving forward and becoming the best they can be.   

​​To learn about our Life-Skills Program click here.



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